Thursday, 13 July 2017

KidZania - R-City Mumbai

What is KidZania? The world of adults for children in a mini replica of a real city. Children can play various role-playing activities that will allow them to earn KidZos. Children can experience the functioning of the real world in an extremely safe and fun filled environment​.
KidZania Mumbai is a theme park, located in R-City Mall, Ghatkopar, Mumbai, India. It is a family entertainment center for children in the age group of 4 to 16. There are 2 slots in a day : 10am-3pm and 4pm-8pm.

At the Ticket counter you will be given Tickets, Map, a cheque and bracelet/watch. This bracelet is scanned for every activity.

There is two kind of activities. One in which they can earn KidZos and other in which they have to spent KidZos. They can earn KidZos performing a professional or service role play.

There are lots of activities in which children spent KidZos and in return they get eatables made by themselves​ such as Sabro pizza, Hardy's Burger, Coca cola, Dairy Milk, Parked Biscuits, Kellogg's, Mad over donuts, Parle candy and much more.

My kids just enjoyed all the activities whether to earn or to spend. They learnt to save KidZos and deposit in the Yes Bank. They were happy to have their on debit card. They also invested in Mutual funds. They started earning when there was short of funds. KidZania is learning the real values of life in a fun manner. There is so much to see and to do that one day is not enough. For parents, also it a relaxing day as my husband and me did not bother about kids, just sat back and enjoyed relaxing moments with each other.

Radio Station

The Times Of India Newspaper

Star TV Studio

Carnival Theatre

Mad over Donuts



Parle Biscuits


Building Climbing

This just a glance of happiness kids carry alone them. Real happiness of kids will be seen when you visit KidZania. If your kids want to visit it again and again then avail KidZania pazzport for them. Even for toddlers can perform some activities along with ABC elementary and kitchen.

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