Sunday, 30 July 2017

Fbb - Miss India Wali Feeling.....#NamrataJoshipura

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My last post briefs the winner of the #fbb #colors #FeminaMissIndia2017. But as I mentioned here is one more twist for all. Every girl loves to wear the crown and become Miss India but all of us can't be lucky enough. Every girl in herself has an extraordinary quality which makes her Miss India. We all can have the MISS INDIA WALI FEELING...... by just grooming ourselves in the trendy apparel.

#Fbb has just launched a Miss India Inspired collection by @NamrataJoshipura. This collection is of the popular fashion designer which is so wonderful that it boots your confidence and gives the Miss India Wali Feeling.
Wow @fbbonline has made it so easy for every girl to have such a wonderful #FeminaMissIndia Wali Feeling.....

Here is the collection which can give the miss India wali feeling. Wish to change your wardrobe, can be fulfilled at the fbb store where Namrata Joshipura has ensured that with her latest designer outfits will give the miss India wali feeling. Price range is just 999-1499 only for the designer apparels.

1. Elegant Krutis

2. Embroidered Tops paired with Plazos

3. Cool Dresses

4. Tops paired Leggings

Thanks #fbb,

Check out the collection at the nearest fbb outlet and have the opportunity to have a Miss India wali feeling. 

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