Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Product Review: TE-A-ME Teas

Hi! Friends, 

Good day!! My mornings are good when I slip my favourite energetic drink. Can anyone guess, Of course TEA. I am a tea lover. Tea also can be beneficial for our body. Provided you pick the correct one. Newly I have tried TE-A-ME Teas. A green tea with an excellent flavour works. TE-A-ME Teas have around 20 flavours under different ranges. Ranges available are
  • Signature Black Teas
  • Natural Green Teas
  • Aromatic Spice Teas
  • Wellness Infusions
  • Fruit & Flower Infusions.
 Below are some which I have tried. And my favourite is the new Orange Ginger favour. My mornings have a magical touch with this flavours.

About the Brand: TE-A-ME is brought to you by Madhu Jayanti International Limited - a 70 year old company with a legacy of producing fine teas. Madhu Jayanti began its journey in 1942 with the vision to continuously flavour freshness in every sip of tea consumed around the world. Our commitment to this mission, more than six decades later, has helped make a mark in the global markets. Serving 10 Million cups every day, across 42 countries, Madhu Jayanti is adept in understanding country specific taste profiles and developing product offerings that suit a variety of taste choices. We firmly believe that tea is a versatile drink that can evoke a variety of feelings and emotions with every sip. TE-A-ME is our first step towards bringing out the functions of tea to consumers around the world. We also believe that tea tastes best when unadulterated with artificial flavours and additives - therefore all our teas are made from 100% Natural Ingredients and REAL spices. To know more visit their website

1. Honey Lemon Green Tea: is a Natural Green Tea.  it is a blend of garden fresh green tea with natural honey and bits of juicy lemon peels. 
Benefits - Honey Lemon Green tea with honey and lemon acts as a body cleanser and helps remove toxins from the body and boosts the immune system. It is an effective home remedy for common ailments like colds and sore throats.

2. Kashmiri Kahwa Tea: is Natural Green Tea. It is a blend of garden fresh green tea with Cinnamon and Cardamom pieces.

Benefits - Kashmiri Kahwa Green tea is effective for fat reduction. The Cinnamon and Cardamom helps to reduce the stress and improve the skin.

3. Tulsi Green Tea: is Wellness infusion. It is  blend of green tea leaves and herb Tulsi, commonly known as the "Mother Medicine of Nature".
Price: 150 INR (25 Tea Bags)

Benefits - Tulsi Green Tea is known for it’s detoxifying and purifying properties, which helps  to flush toxin out from your body.  It increases our metabolism rate and helps to maintain good health.

4. Orange Ginger Infusion Drink: is a fruit and flower infusion. It is a blend of garden fresh tea, Orange peel, Ginger, Apple Pomace, Cinnamon, Clove and Hibiscus.

Benefits - Orange Ginger Infusion Drink has lovely flavour and aroma which boost your mood!  It is anti-oxidants, boosts immunity and relief stress.

#prettyladiestalk rating: 4.8/5

Do try all the flavours guaranteed will love it. To avail 20% discount on all the TE-A-ME products apply the coupon code JIGNA20