Sunday, 25 February 2018

Basic Tips on Finding the Prefect Family Car.

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"Good Cars get you from point A to point B
Great Cars ..... Well they just get you into Trouble"

To buy a car is an important decision. To select a perfect car for your family from so many options available in the market a really really tough job. 
You have to take care while buying perfect family car when you have kids. Are you in search of a perfect family car? Then here are some Basic tips which can help you to make your perfect decision. 

Basic Tips in finding the Perfect Family Car. 

Here are some tips which I experienced while buying a car for my sweet family. And I am happy for my perfect decision. 

Planning and Research:

You have a dream to buy a car and have decided to buy one, then first start noting the needs of your family. "A car is most essential selection and purchase that you will use daily and for many years." Start listing the cars according to your family needs. Consult you friends and family, discuss the likes and dislikes. After listing the models, research about their features and prices. 


After planning and research, the starting point is your budget which will determine your option. Budget should also include car cost, tax, insurance, fuel cost etc. But important is the maintenance cost. Also check the discounts and freebies. How you want to make the payment cash, cheque or EMI? 


After deciding the budget and payment mode, the next essential thing to know are, all the features of the car. Make sure your are comfortable while driving and sitting in the car. Always take test drives to ensure it. Quality of the engine, interior and exterior look, Brand value, road safety, etc. is a perfect site to check out for your doubts and queries about a car. It has videos and reviews of cars which will lead you to the right track.

Do comment whether my post could help you. Or any suggestions to be added which I may have missed out. 

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