Wednesday, 18 April 2018

My world of Happiness

Happiness ......
Is much more than a good feeling and a smiley face. 
Is the true feelings of enjoying the desires of the life. 

Does Happiness matters????
Yes, For me Happiness matters because:

  1. Happy person learns better.
  2. Happy person is healtheir.
  3. Happy person has good relationships.
  4. Happy person is more successful.
  5. Happy person is always positive.

I consider myself as the happiest person, As I find happiness even is smallest bit. I think to feel the happiness within, one should make someone else happy. When you make someone happy, your own heart automatically gets filled with happiness of satisfaction. And when you are satisfied, Happiness jumps in within. Happiness increases by spreading it. 

My Thoughts of Happiness

When my Daughter hugs me.

When I kiss my son.

When husband whispers 3 magical words "I Love You"

 When my everyone says you'll are "Made for each other"

When my mom is proud of me.

When my sister in law's share a lovely bond with me.

When I spend time with my sisters 

My Family is the key of "MY HAPPINESS"... Making them comfortable and satisfied makes me Happy!!!!

Hope you'll have liked My small world of Happiness. Please tell me which pic show me the Happiest person.....

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  1. Beautifully written and great pictures

  2. Well Written. Nice To Read. Family Is The First One Who Makes Us Happy

  3. Aww..that was a beautiful post. And yes, family is everything!

  4. this post highlights the happy moments of your life and i love how you look radiant in all the shots

  5. Nice picture..real happiness

  6. your post shows how imp family is in our life. Our family is the root of our happiness.And its true we cant even think a day without them #Happinessblogtrain

  7. I love the way you started your post with stating what does Happiness means to you. Making someone happy is the best key to one's happiness :)
    Loved the short yet happy post #happinessblogtrain #blogtrain

  8. You have covered so well.. The real happiness. Keep posting more. I just loved reading them.

  9. Every point you covered is superb yaar I'm so happy with ur post#Happinessblogtrain

    1. Thanks Sneha to make me part of this lovely #happinessblogtrain....

  10. Happy to know that you search happiness in tiny things of life which appears to be insignificant but it is actually phenomenal and has great importance in life.