Friday, 18 May 2018

Zuper Summer at Kidzania

Hello! Friends,

When vacation start children get restless at home without activities. We parents try to keep them busy. But a day out filled with fun and learning would be best for kids. Such place means Kidzania. To know more about it please read my post:

My kids just love this place. They have visited Kidzania nearly 5 times. We visited on 17th May, 2018, But this visit to Kidzania was an interesting part for me as a adult. Yes this summer is a Zuper Summer because with kids there are many activities where adults also can take part and have a fun day. It can be a "Family Fun Workshop."

There are following activities to bring kids and parents together. KidZania is the perfect destination for families to bond this Summer season from21st April to 10th June 2018.

Virtual Reality Arena (VR games):  These are computer based games. This includes games like Plank, Ocean, Space, Pictosaurus, Roller Coaster, Google Earth and many more.

Fit-A-Thon: This is a Zumba Outlet. Adults can jump, dance, shake, and swing their hips, the perfect place for fitness fun.

Fun-A-Thon: This is Fun Activity Zone. Table Tennis, Turn ball and a lot of games to enjoy with your family and chance to win exciting prices.

Artistry: This is a creative area. Be come a artist, make Caricature of your favorite people. Enjoy Hair braiding and Nail Art.

My recommendation: 5/5 G

  1. Gigantic indoor theme park for kids.
  2. Place with fun and learning for kids.
  3. Kids gain confidence and become independent.
  4. Kids get inspiration.
  5. Perfect interior and proper hygiene
  6. Family space.

    Saturday, 12 May 2018

    fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2018 - Maharashtra Auditions

    "Femina Miss India" is a prestigious pageant. After the spectacular achievement by Ms. Manushi Chhillar, making India proud with one more "Miss World 2017" Title. The search has started for the next "Miss World 2018".  Last year the new format of fbb Colors Femina Miss India was introduced, #WeAreChanging. The format and the rule continuous the same as 2017 to compete for the crown and the #fbbFemina #MissIndia2018. Check the rule in this link:

    Auditions have been started all over India according to the 4 zone. It was an honour to receive the invitation of the #MissIndia2018  Maharashtra audition as a #fbbblogstar in the #fbbGuestlist at the 55th edition of India's coveted beauty pageant. fbb Femina Miss India 2018 Mumbai Maharashtra auditions took place at the fbb store, Infinity Malad on 6th May 2018. 

    Wonderful set up for the ramp at the fbb store. Participants were pouring for registration. The Panelists: Aishwarya Devan, Ruhi Singh, Prathamesh Maulingkar and, Natasha Grover who really had a tough time for selection.

    After the registration each participant had a height check then they ramp walked for the first round: Selection round. The selected participants then ramp walked with their cocktail dresses for the second round: Cocktail Elimination Round, where each participant had to answer the questions from the panel to prove their brains. Lastly the top three beauties to represent Maharashtra were selected and announced.

    Mehak Punjabi Radhika Joshi Apurva Chavan (from left to right)

    Here are three finalist of the #MissIndia2018 #mumbai #maharastra #auditions @fbbonline
    @feminaindia Mehak Punjabi Radhika Joshi Apurva Chavan 

    The three lucky beauties of Maharashtra state is now eligible of the golden ticket to the West zonal crowning ceremony round and the state winner will get the chance to represent her state at the grand finale in Mumbai.

    Congratulation!!! and Best of Luck!!!! to the 3 beauties. Stay tuned to know the lucky one to be crowned.

    For more details log into

    Thanks Fbb,

    Tuesday, 1 May 2018

    Dengue Fever

    Signs and Symptoms of Dengue...

    Rainy season is going to head soon with lovely greenery everywhere, beautiful flowers dwelling and pleasant muddy fragrance all around. But the only worry is the mosquito borne disease, especially DENGUE. The only unsafe part is the mosquito breeding in the rain water pools. It is very important to know about this disease and it prevention.

    Dengue is fast emerging viral disease. Dengue is a mosquito borne disease, it is caused by the dengue virus, which is transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito. The dengue fever is treatable with proper medical care, it can be fatal if it goes untreated.

    Dengue Symptoms usually begins 4-5 days after infection. Symptoms such as Sudden high fever, Severe headache, joint & muscle pain, Fatigue, Nausea, Vomiting, Skin rash and Mild bleeding gums or nose. 

    When signs and symptoms of dengue are observed visit the doctor and if advised get the blood test to check the virus or antibodies of dengue. This will allow your doctor to evaluate the possibility that your symptoms were caused by a dengue infection.

    There is no specific medicine to treat dengue infection. One should use pain relievers with acetaminophen and avoid medicines with aspirin, which could worsen bleeding. One should rest and drink plenty of fluids. Visit the doctor and get hospitalised if becomes worst.

    Prevention Measures
    There is no vaccine to prevent dengue fever. The best way to prevent the disease is to prevent infected mosquito bites.  Protect yourself and take precautions to keep the mosquito population down.
    • Use mosquito repellent
    • Use mosquito nets
    • Get rid of places where mosquito breed such as old tires, cans, flowers pots ect., where water collect. 

    If someone in your home gets dengue fever, take efforts to protect yourself and your family members from mosquitoes. Mosquitoes that bite the infected family member could spread the infection to others in your home.

    “Prevention is better than Treatment” 
    Let’s take a step to make our India #Denguefree. 

    Goodknight has ample products for the protection and not letting the dengue virus enter the body. @Goodknight #Goodknight These are my favourite products to protect my little ones.

    Goodknight Fabric Roll-On 

    • 100% Natural Ingredients
    • Paediatrician certified as baby safe
    • Easy 4 dots application on clothes
    • 8 hour protection
    • Available in 2 fragrance variants

    Goodknight Patches

    • 100% Natural
    • 8 hour protection
    • Paediatrician certified as baby safe
    • Protects your family from diseases like dengue, chikungunya

    Goodknight Cool Gel

    • Skin-friendly
    • Paediatrician certified as child safe
    • Protects your family from diseases like dengue and chikungunya
    • 8 hour protection
    For more details on the products visit

    Saturday, 28 April 2018

    Product Review Mamaearth Berry Blast Toothpaste for Kids

    Hello! Friends,

    Here again I have come up with yet another but loveliest product of Mamaearth. Yes, no more tension in the morning where brushing is concerned. Mamaearth has introduced new product Berry Blast Toothpaste. Kids will love it and it takes full care of the total dental care of your kid. Whether it is teeth or gums. Perfect cleaning package with attraction. 

    Personal Experience:
    MamaEarth Berry Blast Toothpaste for kids comes with lovely gold colour gel which is really new for  kids. The fruity flavour is the most attractive part of the product for kids. My son is the laziest person where brushing teeth. He just loves to have bed milk and go without brushing. But since I have received this toothpaste, he is the first to rush to brush his teeth. My daughter also loves it too. Now brushing teeth in the morning and night goes without saying. Just love @mamaearth for solving the biggest problem of my life. Thank you!!!! #mamaeathtakes care #smilewidewithmamaearth

    Product Details:
    “Hi! I am Mamaearth’s toothpaste. I love to see your baby smile. I am fluoride free and SLS free, so you don’t need to worry if more toothpaste ends up in your baby’s tummy than in the sink. I remove plaque and taste awesome. I am thoughtfully formulated with high quality ingredients like Xylitol, Aloe and Stevia. Introduce me to your babies, I will strengthen their gums and be their best friend forever.

    Product Ingredients:
    Water, Glycerin, Hydrated Silica, Sorbitol, Xylitol, Aloe Barbadensis, Lauryl Glucoside, Cellulose Gum, Natural Strawberry, Stevia

    Directions for use:
    Ensure your children brush their teeth every morning and evening, or after every meal. Children under 5 should use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste for supervised brushing to minimize swallowing. Gentle brush gums and teeth in circular motion. 

    Price and availability:
    INR 149/- for 50 g and are available on the shopping portals online.

    My recommendation: (5/5)
    • 100% Natural and Toxin Free 
    • Healthy Teeth and gums 
    • Perfect Teeth Cleaser
    • Fruity Flavour 
    • Safe if swallowed 
    • Sulfate free 
    I, as a Mama trust #mamaearth. As it gives us toxin free - chemical free products for the little one's and I can be fearless. It is like taking Dental insurance for our little ones. Most #important, it is 100% Made in India. I strongly recommend Mamaearth to all those awesome mommies who want just the best for their kids.  @mamaearth_india

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    Wednesday, 18 April 2018

    My world of Happiness

    Happiness ......
    Is much more than a good feeling and a smiley face. 
    Is the true feelings of enjoying the desires of the life. 

    Does Happiness matters????
    Yes, For me Happiness matters because:

    1. Happy person learns better.
    2. Happy person is healtheir.
    3. Happy person has good relationships.
    4. Happy person is more successful.
    5. Happy person is always positive.

    I consider myself as the happiest person, As I find happiness even is smallest bit. I think to feel the happiness within, one should make someone else happy. When you make someone happy, your own heart automatically gets filled with happiness of satisfaction. And when you are satisfied, Happiness jumps in within. Happiness increases by spreading it. 

    My Thoughts of Happiness

    When my Daughter hugs me.

    When I kiss my son.

    When husband whispers 3 magical words "I Love You"

     When my everyone says you'll are "Made for each other"

    When my mom is proud of me.

    When my sister in law's share a lovely bond with me.

    When I spend time with my sisters 

    My Family is the key of "MY HAPPINESS"... Making them comfortable and satisfied makes me Happy!!!!

    Hope you'll have liked My small world of Happiness. Please tell me which pic show me the Happiest person.....

    This post is written as a part of the “Happiness blog train” presented by Blogsikka and Momsmethods and sponsored by “Nayasa”

    Nayasa has come up with a new range of bottles. This range of bottles are insulated, they maintain the liquid’s temperature inside the bottle either hot or cold. The new designs are practical and aesthetic. From holding in palms to the cap, everything is designed carefully.

    Thanks Richa Kukreja- writer at whimsicallychic  for a lovely introduction of myself in the Happiness Blog Train.

    The next station is my fellow blogger......
    Nehal Roy - She is mom of a cutie pie,  started blog on home remedies to serve the people in pain... Happy n jolly by nature. Love to make new friends. Have glance through her blog Easyhomeremedies and  get benefited

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    Tuesday, 3 April 2018

    Streax Professional

    Introduces Marigold collection to spice up your Summer looks at its mega hair show ‘Hair & Beyond’ with International Celebrity Hair Stylists 

    • ‘The King of Hair’ International Celebrity Stylist Joakim Roos unveiled the latest collection at ‘Hair & Beyond’, the mega hair show in Mumbai 
    • Hina Khan looked her fashionable best as showstopper for the event 

    Mumbai, April 2, 2018: Summer is almost upon us and it’s time for fashionistas to embrace the season with style and sparkle. Bringing vibrancy and elegance to the hair styling trends this season, Streax Professional, the premium hair colour range specially crafted for salon professionals and technicians today launched its Spring Summer 2018 Collection ‘Marigold’. Ruled by the shades of golden, copper and blondes, the Marigold collection signifies the celebratory mood that the season brings in. Along with the new collection, Streax Professional also kicked off its campaign ‘Hair & Beyond’, providing beauty technicians an opportunity to enhance their hairstyling skills. The first exclusive seminar and styling event under the campaign was organized today in Mumbai that inspired aspiring and practicing hair stylists to be creative in the field of Cut, Colour & Style.

    Announcing the launch of the new collection, Mrs. Rochelle Chhabra, Professional Division Head, Hygienic Research Institute said, “Streax Professional Spring Summer 2018 Collection ‘Marigold’ has been designed keeping in mind the latest trends in colour hues and customer demands for the season. Today, brighter, bolder, and spicier shades are making it to the list of personal favourites, and we are happy to have these chic shades in our range of hair colour this 
    season.” Talking about the Hair & Beyond campaign, she said, “Hair & Beyond is a significant campaign that aims to education update the hairstyling professionals and aspiring beauty technicians about the latest trends in colouring and styling techniques. With customers increasingly turning to salons for professional hair colour solutions, it is essential that we train our partners to provide the best solutions in hair colour and help them achieve complete customer delight.” 

    Internationally renowned hair styling guru from Sweden Joakim Roos, also known as ‘The King of Hair’ graced the Hair & Beyond seminar in Mumbai where he unveiled the Marigold collection and empowered the professionals by 
    sharing world-class hair styling techniques and tips. Joakim Roos, Swedish stylist with his trendsetting vision and extraordinary skill said, “Streax Professional has come out with trendy hair colours for this season, that will look the best if styled by the right set of hands. Hair colour needs the right skill and technique to come out beautifully and hence, I am very proud to be part of Hair & Beyond where I can share my learnings with future stylists. It’s wonderful 
    watching these young and enthusiastic talents learning and willing to experiment with newer shades and techniques.”

    The ever-gorgeous actress Hina Khan strutted the ramp flaunting the Streax Professional Spring Summer 2018 hair shades and took the glamour quotient a notch higher. 

    Streax Professional aims at providing hair professionals in other cities as well an opportunity to learn directly from the hair styling gurus and will, therefore, will be conducting Hair & Beyond seminars across multiple locations i.e. New Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow and Chandigarh. If you are a professional who aspires to match steps with global experts, here is your chance to make that happen! 

    Streax Professional has also appointed Jaokim Roos and Yolly Ten Koppel, International Creative and Technical Director, Pivot Point International on the panel of its Chief Hair Dresser.

    About Streax Professional 
    Streax Professional – a brand closely associated with style & glamour in salon business, was launched in the year 2004 by Hygiene Research Institute. Streax Professional is smart choice for smart Indian stylists and consumers and guarantees value for money. Launching innovative products, with well researched formulations, especially suited to Indian hair types, Streax Professional is the fore-runner in the professional segment with the widest distribution network. Streax Professional Hair Colorant Range (Colour, Developer & Ultralights) is on continuous growth path and has partnership with over 25000 salons in India and abroad.

    About Hygienic Research Institute
    Established in 1957, Hygienic Research Institute (HRI) is one of the fastest growing cosmetic companies in India. Every beauty product of HRI has been prepared with the help of ancient Ayurvedic sciences and modern technology, giving the consumer the very best, to be the very best. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, HRI implements path breaking innovations & personal care solutions. All the products are manufactured, tested and approved by quality assurance as per Indian BIS specifications and adhere to the stringent international norms of countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Streax as a Hair colour brand is trusted and used by 17 lac consumers every month across India and is sold through 3 lac outlets.

    For further information, please contact:
    Nalini Neha / Natashia Pereira Joshi
    (M) 9833865234 / 9833014056

    Sunday, 25 March 2018

    Product Review Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Cream

    Hi! Friends,
    I am here with another review of #Mamaearth Product. Are you tried of all types of experiments on our face for pigmentation, dark spots dryness etc? Then for Any facial problem for any skin type, mamaearth has come up with the magical product “Bye Bye Blemishes” cream for correcting uneven skin tones.

    Personal Experience:
    I just love the product. It made me look younger. After using it for some days my husband mentioned that “what is the reason that you are looking good and good day by day”. This comment makes me to love mamaearth products. It is light cream with non greasy effect. It gets absorbed easily into the skin with no side effect at all. The fragrance is mild and lovely. It has reduced the tanned effect, pigmentation, dark spots and keeps my skin moisturised. I feel so fresh after apply it. The packing also is travel friendly. 

    Product Details:
    Hi! Are you wondering how to get rid of blemishes and dark spots on your face? Well, I am here to help. I am specifically formulated to reduce pigmentation by restricting the melanin deposit which appear as dark spots on the face. Organic daisy flower and mulberry extract in me have been traditionally used to treat hyper-pigmentation. I am antibacterial and anti-fungal. I contain no harsh chemicals like SLS, paraben and mineral oil. 

    Product Ingredients:
    Aqua, Glycerine, Cetearyl Olivate,Sorbitan Olivate,Hydrogenated Olive Oil, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Glycerol Monostearate, Daisy Flower Extract, Mulberry Extract, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Shea Butter, Lavender Oil, Allantoin, Xanthan Gum, Patchouli Oil,Vetiver Oil, Geranium Oil.

    Directions for use:
    Apply liberally to freshly cleansed skin, starting at the neck and working your way up to the face. For best.

    Price and availability:
    INR 599/- for 50 ml and are available on the shopping portals online.

    My recommendation: (4.5/5)
    • Reduces Dark Spots and pigmentation
    • Controls Melanin
    • Strengthens and nourishes skin 
    • Reduces sun damage 
    • Travel friendly
    • Suits all skin types as no side effects
    I strongly recommend this product to everyone and young girls should definitely use this as it is natural remedy for pigmentation.

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