Friday, 2 February 2018


Apna Store Fbb-Steal Beat Fashion Deals Under 1000/-

As usual #fbb is styling India. Again with long weekend (26th - 28th) #fbb is celebrating Republic week with Sabse Saste Din. Discount falls between 30-70%  I rushed to the nearest @fbbstore to grab the deals just under 1000/-

#prettyladiestalk is showcasing the family looks below. My family and myself love shopping from #fbb. And being #fbbblogstar is an advantage. 

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

@fbb styles my family for every weekend and holidays. We have our own signature styles with Fbb apperals. 

Do comment which style is appealing. Happy shopping.....

Thanks fbb,

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Aesthetic Hair Implants (AHI) by RichFeel

Richfeel trichology -  Ailesbury Hair Clinic

Hairloss... Baldness... No.... more. Hair implantation can be great way to boost the confidence, helps in look and feels better.  "Confidence - Hair - Bring it Back" Richfeel brings non surgical Hair implantation which is natural and customized to suit your look.  Richfeel trichology in association with Ailesbury Hair Clinic brought the internationally renowned Aesthetic Hair Implants (AHI) procedures in India.

Lorraine Lambert - CEO & Managing Director of Ailesbury Hair Clinic

Ms. Lorraine joined an international hair restoration group in 1994 and held the position of International Projects Director for many years.  Ailesbury Aesthetic Clinics are headed by Dr. Patrick Treacy, a leading figure in aesthetic medicine. Lorraine Lambert joined forces with Dr. Treacy and Ailesbury in 2004 and opened the Ailesbury Hair Restoration division of the company. Since then, the company has expanded its operations worldwide, with clinics and offices in London, Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Istanbul, Mumbai, and Dubai.

Market has many hair transplantation method. In typical surgical hair restoration method known as Strip method, upper layer of the skin from the back and side of the head is removed, cut into individual hair units  and then implanted on the top of the head. But say no to it. And GO for the AHI FUE method. Why???

Aesthetic Hair Implants (AHI) 
  1. AHI is non surgical hair implantation treatment.  
  2. It is the latest and best. 
  3. It works very simply by extracting hair from a hair loss resistant area and planting them on the recipient area. 
  4. 5000 hair can me grafted in one go. 
  5. The extraction method is hugely advanced  FUE method with mechanized extractor of 0.7mm diameter. 
  6. The survival rate of the hair is also far higher. 
  7. No need of hospitalisation and complex aftercare processes -  medication. 
  8. It is executable in just a day and has quicker recovery time. 
  9. Transplanted hair can be shampooed or dyed. 
  10. It can be trimmed and cut after growth. 

For more details

Visit official website

watch this video

Have great Hair Day!

Friday, 29 December 2017



Welcome to my coach of #NYFashionTrain intiated  by Today 30th December second last day of the year 2017 and 10th day of the #NYFashionTrain. Hope you have loved the styling of the previous 9 fashionistas. Check out for my style of fashion

To say bye bye to 2017 and welcoming 2018, here are three party dresses for the New Year Eve which I love and I think these are the latest fashion ringing 2018. Black is my love and elegant colour which makes you look slim and Beautiful.

Party Dress 1 - Bodycon Dress

For a slim and curvy figure body hugging or bodycon dress is a perfect fit. Pair stilettos, a box clutch and drop earrings for the night. The halter bodycon dress with sequin work around the neck is the beauty of the dress. Super versatile, this can be the perfect fashion for the new year’s Eve.

Party Dress 2 - Velvet Dress

Luxurious velvet looks like a kilo bucks, but the stretchiness make is a great dress. Pair it with glittery clutch and earrings. The lovely neck line enhances the beauty of the dress. Super glam, this can be the comfort fashion with cuteness for the new year’s Eve.

Party Dress 3 - Off-the-Shoulder Jumpsuit

Off-the-Shoulder Jumpsuit is a stylish. off-the-shoulder neckline and body fitted with wide-leg-leg pants. Super stylish, this is latest fashion for the new year’s Eve.

Train from the Fashionista Jyoti ( has arrived at my station. I am grateful and thanks Jyoti for such a wonderful introduction of myself.

Today this train will take you to last lovely fashionistas bloggers blog. Next station is of Nivedita. She is a delhi based fashionista, who loves to explore various facets of life through her Lifestyle blog - Chatter&Patter. A fashion and beauty aficionado! Her love for fine things define her passion for fashion! So bump into her blog for some more fashion tips and tricks after all it's new year😊guys!!

 “Participating in #NYFashionTrain Fashion-a-thon hosted by Ruchie sponsored by VLCC ."

VLCC needs no introduction and we are so proud that have chosen to sponsor our #NYFashionTrain and Fashion-a-thon.

They are actually living up to their motto "Transforming Lives". Don’t forget to avail amazing offer this festive season by VLCC.

For more details do follow VLCC pages

Monday, 18 December 2017

Nail Extensions with Nail Art - Pooja Parmar

Hi! Friends,

Who doesn't love long and beautiful nail? Natural long nails are impossible for a mother like me. But yes artificial nails - Nail Extension And that also with lovely paint, decoration and embellished nails - Nail Art. The combo of nail extension with cute nail art enhances your nails, finger, hands and lastly your beauty.

I just love nail art and I came a cross Ms. Pooja Parmar. She is gem of a person. Just loved her work. She has given me a lovely beautiful nail extensions with nail art which enhances my fingers. She has given not-polish acrylic-gel red and white glitter nails. Which goes well for the Christmas Eve. It gears the vacation mode too. For both the ring fingers she has used real dry flowers which give an awesome look to the entire nail art. Both the middle fingers have the white glittery look. And the remaining 6 fingers have red glittery look. 

Lot of hard work is involved in this master piece. First the natural nails are cleaned then buffed to remove the top most layer of the nail so that the product sticks well to the nails. Then the acrylic nails are stuck and cut as per the requirement. 

Then the gel application. She has used the coloured and glitter gel. This application is also timing consuming. After that again buffing and cleaning with the last touch up. 

Profile of Pooja Parmar
She is certified Nail Technician. She is 1st prize holder in Nail Premiere League 2017 Professional Beauty India. 

Her work had recognition in Powai Magazine.

She has started Nail Studio from her home in Powai since December '16. But in future her dream is to have her own Nail salon mobile van. She is a retired cabin crew from an international airline, loving mother to a child and helping hand to her husband. Her passion for art and attention to details has helped her evolve as a better Nail artist. It was exclusivity, inventive concept utilization and substantial utilization of her hands made sure that she created award winning nail art. she does nails art in wide range of variety. Gel, acrylic, color changing, sculpted russianalmond, pierced, rings, 3d art work, one stroke painting, nail stickers, kids friendly nail art and many more.

#prettyladiestalk rating is 4.9/5

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Richfeel Laser Hair Reduction

Who knows hair better than Richfeel!!!!

Hair is an essential part of the body. Beauty is associated with crown of healthy and beautiful hair. Be it on the head, on the eyebrows and on the lashes. 

But on the Body.. I Don't Like.

Particularly the facial hair, I just hate them. I always do threading, waxing, hair removal creams ect. All these are so painful and risky. Skin gets damaged due to all these hair removal options. Skin burns, irrigates, boils, red patches and is very very painful. These options remove the hair but the hair come back. 

I have heard about lots of permanent hair removal treatment. But I was not satisfied and was afraid. Then I attended this meet at #Richfeel and studies about the RF IceCube Laser Hair Reduction. Reduction is the perfect treatment and not the hair removal.  After understanding the entire process I gave a try to the treatment. 

My laser treatment was scheduled for 16th December, 2017 at the Chembur center. First part of the treatment is the doctors consultation. Where the doc questions to know some information about ourselves.
1. Any medical issues like thyroid, diabetes ect.
2.  Mensuration cycle is regular
3.  Any medicines
4. Any beauty treatments
5. Laser done before.
5. Veg / non veg .....Ect

Doc checks the growth of the hair and gives the information of the RF ICE CUBE Hair Reduction laser Technology. Explains the 80/20% ratio of hair growth and reduction. Sessions depend upon the ratio of the hair growth.

Lastly the hair reduction treatment is done by the special consultant. First the hair is shaved from the area of treatment. Then gel application with the laser. Lastly moisture application.

Just can't explain the WOW feeling. The treatment is awesome. No pain, No burning sensation, No boils, No redness, No discomfort.....
Infact I just felt like a normal facial and was done in just 15 minutes. So happy no more threading to be done for facial hair and most importantly upper lips.

Laser hair reduction for hair removal at RichFeel

RF ICE CUBE 2.0 Cool Brush Hair Reduction Technology is a hair reduction system that is painless, latest cooling, permanent hair reduction method. This technology has been imported from Europe and is the most effective, quick and painless hair removal with maximum comfort and no recovery time.



#prettyladiestalk rating: 4.9/5

Facial Hair Reduction package is for 17000/- after discount.

To know more about the Hair Reduction visit 

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Fbb Warm Cosy Winters!!!

Cold Night
Warm tea
Good Books
Large sweater

Happy winters!! Welcome December......

Me a #fbb #blogstar gave a warm welcome to Winters... When I receive a surprise from @fbb. Wow.... the Fbb Vouchers to make my winter days warm and cosy. Yes yes... #winterswithfbb #staywarm #staystylish.... 

I have given a try to lots of jackets. It is very difficult to select the jacket as the collection is very strong. I always get confused with variation.

After a tough rounds of elimination I reached to the brown jacket. 

Fbb has lovely winter collection for the entire family. Sweaters, SweatShirts, and the most stylish are the Leather Jacket collection. Here is the gliymes

I like  the awesome collection be it men, kids or ladies section. Show your love to your loved ones by surprising them with a classy stylish leather jacket. It will be the perfect choice to make their winters cosy and fashionable. #winterswithfbb. 

Visit the nearest Fbb store.....

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Product Review: TE-A-ME Teas

Hi! Friends, 

Good day!! My mornings are good when I slip my favourite energetic drink. Can anyone guess, Of course TEA. I am a tea lover. Tea also can be beneficial for our body. Provided you pick the correct one. Newly I have tried TE-A-ME Teas. A green tea with an excellent flavour works. TE-A-ME Teas have around 20 flavours under different ranges. Ranges available are
  • Signature Black Teas
  • Natural Green Teas
  • Aromatic Spice Teas
  • Wellness Infusions
  • Fruit & Flower Infusions.
 Below are some which I have tried. And my favourite is the new Orange Ginger favour. My mornings have a magical touch with this flavours.

About the Brand: TE-A-ME is brought to you by Madhu Jayanti International Limited - a 70 year old company with a legacy of producing fine teas. Madhu Jayanti began its journey in 1942 with the vision to continuously flavour freshness in every sip of tea consumed around the world. Our commitment to this mission, more than six decades later, has helped make a mark in the global markets. Serving 10 Million cups every day, across 42 countries, Madhu Jayanti is adept in understanding country specific taste profiles and developing product offerings that suit a variety of taste choices. We firmly believe that tea is a versatile drink that can evoke a variety of feelings and emotions with every sip. TE-A-ME is our first step towards bringing out the functions of tea to consumers around the world. We also believe that tea tastes best when unadulterated with artificial flavours and additives - therefore all our teas are made from 100% Natural Ingredients and REAL spices. To know more visit their website

1. Honey Lemon Green Tea: is a Natural Green Tea.  it is a blend of garden fresh green tea with natural honey and bits of juicy lemon peels. 
Benefits - Honey Lemon Green tea with honey and lemon acts as a body cleanser and helps remove toxins from the body and boosts the immune system. It is an effective home remedy for common ailments like colds and sore throats.

2. Kashmiri Kahwa Tea: is Natural Green Tea. It is a blend of garden fresh green tea with Cinnamon and Cardamom pieces.

Benefits - Kashmiri Kahwa Green tea is effective for fat reduction. The Cinnamon and Cardamom helps to reduce the stress and improve the skin.

3. Tulsi Green Tea: is Wellness infusion. It is  blend of green tea leaves and herb Tulsi, commonly known as the "Mother Medicine of Nature".
Price: 150 INR (25 Tea Bags)

Benefits - Tulsi Green Tea is known for it’s detoxifying and purifying properties, which helps  to flush toxin out from your body.  It increases our metabolism rate and helps to maintain good health.

4. Orange Ginger Infusion Drink: is a fruit and flower infusion. It is a blend of garden fresh tea, Orange peel, Ginger, Apple Pomace, Cinnamon, Clove and Hibiscus.

Benefits - Orange Ginger Infusion Drink has lovely flavour and aroma which boost your mood!  It is anti-oxidants, boosts immunity and relief stress.

#prettyladiestalk rating: 4.8/5

Do try all the flavours guaranteed will love it. To avail 20% discount on all the TE-A-ME products apply the coupon code JIGNA20