Friday, 11 January 2019

Product Review - VLCC Facial Kits

vlccpersonalcare has a huge range of Facial Kit for all skin types.

1. Haldi & Tusli
2. Chandan & Kesar.
3. Haldi & Chandan
4. Papaya Fruit
5. Double Neem
6. Platinum
7. Gold
8. Party Glow

VLCC introduced the best facial kits that improves skin's hydration and metabolism. Removes pigmentation, age spots, lines, and wrinkles, boosts and strengthens elasticity of the skin giving radiant and  luminous skin. It gently nourishes the skin.


STEP 1 :- Pre Facial

Apply VLCC comfrey cleanser cum toner on face and neck, massage in circular motion and wipe off with moist cotton.

Step 2:- Scrub

Apply evenly on wet face and neck. Then massage gently in  circular motions for 3-4 mintues and rinse off.

Step 3:- Gel

Take an appropriate amount of gel on your finger tips and apply all over the face and neck. Massage with light  circular upward motion until absorbed.

Step 4:- Cream

Apply generously on clean skin and massage gently 5-10 minutes in circular and upward strokes  Wipe off with a moist cotton.

Step 5:- Peel of Mask

Take peel off mask and form a thin layer of it over the face and neck with fingertips. Avoid the eye area and leave the pack untouched till it dries. To peel off the mask, start from the neck area and peel it off in an upward motion. Wash the face with water and pat dry.

Step 6:- Moisturising Gel

Apply evenly on the face and neck post facial.

Overall Ratings : 5/5 My favourite is the Party glow and platinum facial kit. Awesome and effective products.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Product Review - Pampers Premium Care Pants

Baby's skin is ultra delicate and sensitive.  The skin of an infant is in the developing stage and is not as thick as adult skin, it is prone to get affected due to wetness. This means that you need to take a lot of care of your baby's skin. Who can help mommies for this ? Off course @Pampers. #Pampers have launched The New Pampers Premium Care Pants which I have witnessed. Check out the features and superiority of these pants.

Softness: The New Pampers Premium Care Pants are the #SoftestPampersever.  The diaper is exceptionally soft on the inside, as soft as cotton cloth nappy. The belt and the leg cuff area is the most irritating part of the diaper for babies. But the new Pampers have extremely soft and stretchy belt and leg cuff area. II was so happy to see no marks on his waist and the thighs due to the extra softness. And my baby looks free and happy.

Breathability & Superior Absorption: The New Pampers Premium Care Pants is made up of materials that are breathable. It has Air Channels which have powerful absorption. These channels evenly distribute wetness and allow air to pass between the baby’s skin and the diaper. When I performed the demo of pouring hot water into the diaper I could clearly see three channels shapes inside and then placing a glass outside which clearly show moisture passing through the diaper. I was sure that my baby is comfortable in this new Pampers.

Wetness Indicator: The New Pampers Premium Care Pants has a wetness indicator the yellow line that turns blue when wet. What a relief!!!! No need to check again and again that the diaper is full and wet. And no more baby crying due to wetness if I miss checking. As the blue lines give me the indication “Time to change”.

Disposal Tape: The New Pampers Premium Care Pants has a disposal tape that can be used to seal for easy disposal. This is another BLOCKBUSTER! No more worries of opening smelling  and searching a separate bag to throw. Just fold and seal with the tape. The disposal tape firmly holds the diaper together. This is my favourite feature as it has made my life easy whether at home or out or at others place.

Lotion: The New Pampers Premium Care Pants has lovely fragrance. These diapers have lotion with aloe vera!! The soothing nature of aloe vera keeps the baby’s skin dry. I just love the fragrance and am so sure of perfect product for my baby. 

Price: I paid 700/- after discount for 55 Premium Care Pants. Price is a little bit on the higher side for sure. But I want the best for my baby. The diapers are just FANTASTIC for the price. The best product for my baby’s skin and activeness. I strongly recommend “The New Pampers Premium Care Pants” 

Overall Rating: 5/5 Excellent Product: All in all, I am super impressed! There is no doubt that Pampers has launched a FANTASTIC product! It couldn’t get better than this!!

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Life Threatening #Mosquitobite

How to Avoid Itchy Mosquito Bites ?

India is a country with different kinds of weathers. It varies between extreme heat and extreme cold, with very wet monsoons in between. No matter what ever the weather is, there are always mosquitoes around. Mosquitoes can cause a lot more than red, itchy bumps: namely, malaria, Dengue, chikungunya and much more.  Malaria and dengue are not just a monsoon menace now, they are most common diseases all round the year. Concurrent infections of malaria and dengue are when both of these mosquito-borne diseases occur simultaneously in an individual. A common phenomenon, Dengue is caused by the bite of a female Andes Mosquito causing a viral infection in a human being whereas Malaria is caused by a Parasite Plasmodium and can affect both human beings and animals. India recorded 89% of total malaria incidence in South East Asia in 2016. Dengue infection  is higher in all states this year compared to the corresponding period last year.  

We need to be more careful and try to prevent a single mosquito bite. Read my post further for tips on how to keep these flying menaces far, far away. 

Prevention Measures

The best way to prevent the disease is to prevent infected mosquito bites.  Protect yourself and take precautions to keep the mosquito population down.
  • Avoid Mosquito hot spots
  • Wear appropriate clothes
  • Use mosquito nets
  • Use mosquito traps
  • Use mosquito repellent
  • Remove Standing waters. Get rid of places where mosquito breed such as old tires, cans, flowers pots ect., where water collect. 

If someone in your home gets affected with these diseases than, take efforts to protect yourself and your family members from mosquitoes. Mosquitoes that bite the infected family member could spread the infection to others in your home.

“Prevention is better than Treatment” 

Let’s take a step to make our India #mosquitofree. How to Avoid Itchy Mosquito Bites ?

There are many  brands in the market. But l trust Goodknight, it has ample products for the protection and not letting the virus enter the body. @Goodknight #Goodknight. These are my favourite products to protect my little ones and the family.

  • 50% more powerful on the Normal mode and even more powerful on the Activ mode.
  • Switch between activ mode and normal mode, depending upon number of mosquitoes.
  • The liquid contains 50% more Activ Molecules which makes it 50% more powerful.
  • Protects your family from diseases like dengue and chikungunya.

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Paediatrician certified as baby safe
  • Easy 4 dots application on clothes
  • 8 hour protection
  • Available in 2 fragrance variants

  • 100% Natural
  • 8 hour protection
  • Paediatrician certified as baby safe
  • Protects your family from diseases like dengue, chikungunya

  • Skin-friendly
  • Paediatrician certified as child safe
  • Protects your family from diseases like dengue and chikungunya
  • 8 hour protection

For more details on the products visit

Friday, 10 August 2018

Nasal Congestions

Hello! Friends, 

Today I am going share the details of nasal congestion in babies. It is very difficult state of baby’s health. And as parent it is very hard to see the baby suffering.

What is Nasal congestion and its effect?
Nasal congestion means stuffy nose. It happens when the tissues inside the nose swell or produces mucus.  A newborn with a stuffy nose may snort when breathing and sound snuffly.  If the baby has a stuffy nose they may breathe through their mouth, which make harder for them to feed. Due to which it remains hungry. One cause leads to another and baby becomes cranky and disturbed. Baby cannot sleep peacefully and hence get deprived of sleep and feel drowsy. The most worst part is baby doesn’t understand and doesn’t know to blow the nose to clear the discomfort.

What are the causes?
There are several causes of nasal congestion. Such as dry air, irritation due to dust, cigarette smoke, perfumes or even a little bit of milk and viral illnesses like cold or flu.

What are the treatment?
There several ways to handle this situation. First moisten baby's nose. Then use a wet cotton soaked in warm water and carefuy clean up the mucus. Run a humidifier or cool-mist vaporizer near your baby's crib. Nasal suction bulb also helps to clear mucus from the nose. 

My Experience
As mother, I had a tough time when my baby suffered from this nasal congestion specially in winter and rainy seasons. As new mother it was very difficult to understand what exactly baby's discomfort. Tried 'N' numbers of home remedies and above mentioned treatments. But my baby was comfortable when my pediatrician suggested to use Nasivion nasal drops. These drops showed good effect and relieved my baby. My daughter was really restless due to stuff nose but when I sprayed the Navision nasal drops she was relaxed, fed milk to kill her hunger and slept in peace for continuous six hours. That was such a relief for me. From that point of time this drops are always with me wherever I go. Happy baby Happy mother, infact #happynosehappymom.

Nasivion kids/babies range: 
  1. Nasivion Saline Nasal Solution - can be used by anyone
  2. Nasivion Mini (Baby) Nose Drops - 0.01% Baby - doctor's consultation required before using
  3. Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose Drops -  0.025% Child - doctor's consultation required before using
Check out the youtube video to know more about Nasivison Drops

More information on the kids/babies range check here:

Consult your paediatrician before using the product.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

DIY - Easy Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles at Home.

Hello! Friends,

Some days back I had written a post on Plastics Ban Awareness, where I had mentioned that we should stop or reuse or reduce the use of plastic and save our environment and our earth. Approximately 100 million plastic bottles are used and discarded every day, with 80% of them simply becoming non-biodegradable litter.  If we wish to minimize waste, we can save money also. In this post I will display some ideas of how I reuse plastic bottles at my home. All the ideas given below can become a master piece with your own unique idea of decoration or a twist. These ideas are very simple and easy to understand and are useful too.

1. Reuse of Plastic Bottles as containers.

Reuse plastic bottles and make containers for snack storage. They make incredibly easy to store items. This can also be a airtight storage. Recycled bottles can also be used to store sugar, salt and similar products.

2. Reuse of Plastic Bottle as a toy.

Schools also teaches kids to reuse waste items. This toy Spiderman car cum aircraft made from cold drink bottle. Project can be completed in a variety of ways, so use your creativity to paint, stick and glue different elements to the outside of the bottle.

3. Reuse of Plastic Bottle as a Bag/Organizer.

A large water bottle can be turned into a bag. These can be a great way to organize small toys or drawer with small items or cosmetics etc. A perfect organizer

4. Reuse of Plastic Bottle as a fancy bowls.

We always want new and beautiful tableware. Reuse plastic bottles into unbreakable snack or candy bowls for a party. Use your creativity and make them in different size and colourful.

5. Reuse of Plastic Bottle as a sealer.

After opening a bag powdered sugar, chocolate chips, rice, snacks etc. And looking for a rubber band, twist tie, knot etc to close them. Instead I really use cool solution for sealing bags air tight with a plastic Bottle.

Friends do try these ideas with a special personalized touch. Also mention the twist you would like to add in the comment box below.

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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Snow Kingdom - The Coolest Place

Shiver with Joy!!!

Tired of stuffy humidity, high temperatures, and pollution? Then take a break from the routine and escape the Mumbai city to the miniature snowy landscapes of Switzerland!

Snow Kingdom is one of Asia’s finest and Mumbai's largest full-fledged indoor snow theme park. As part of the attractions in R City Mall, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Amrut Nagar, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai.

Experience winter at -8°C in 9,000 sq.ft. of snow area with exciting snow rides and the space to experience winter in a real way. Play in hygienic snow with tobogganing, incredible photo-ops, and rock climbing. Dance in 9,000 square feet of snow. Inside the theme park, there are replicas of seals, penguins, and snow deer. There’s plenty for adults, teens, and kids to do – from sleds and slides to scaling Snow Mountain – to a full-fledged snowball fight! There’s also a cafe that serves short-eats and traditional South Indian coffee. The park provides sterilised, cold weather clothing to allow visitors to cope with the sub-zero temperature inside. The snow is made by  reverse osmosis of water. The prevailing temperature inside the theme park is−8°C (18 °F).

Choose a side!
What's the joy in snow if there are no snowball fights?! In our spacious facility, you have the space to launch full-fledged snowball wars with your friends and family! The gloves we provide ensure your safety – as does the soft, clean snow.

Snow is in the air!
Each snowflake is unique, they say. Well, now you can find out! At Snow Kingdom, experience soft, white, fresh, clean snow. Enjoy the authentic experience of winter. 

Sleds and slides!
Enjoy the cold rush of wind as you fly down the slope in your snow sleds and toboggans!

Adventure beckons!
Want to know how it feels when you're scaling the Himalayas? Well, prepare for your mountaineering expedition by climbing our majestic Snow Mountain! With every safety measure in place, climb the rocky cliffs to wherever your imagination takes you!

Get your groove on!
Tired of the 'typical' snow attractions? Time to get your groove on! Dance with your friends to lively numbers belted out by our resident DJ, under sparkling disco lights. Everything looks more magical in the snow!

Say cheese!
Penguins. Seals. Igloos. Polar bears. Snowmen. Not to mention a rustic log hut! These props and sets make for perfect photographs. Instantly! Pose with these typical polar motifs to add an authentic twist to your snowy expedition!
ur snowy expedition!

Points to note:
Snow park entry for 45 minutes
Sterilised winter gear (socks, shoes, jerkins, and gloves) on returnable basis.
Monday - Sunday: 11 am to 9 pm
The venue does not encourage entry for children below 2 years of age.

Snow Kingdom is a must-visit attraction for the whole family. Snow Kingdom is a promising brand for fun and entertainment offering plenty of fun for adults, teens and kids, and great opportunities to plan team-building exercises.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Click Art Museum - Rcity - Mumbai

CLICK ART MUSEUM is a place with big pictures of optical illusions that will fill one’s head with Idyllic creations. It will make the participant’s to find themselves transformed into another world, A world of trick art!

It will also be India’s first of its kind 3D interactive “Trick Art” museum! Trick Art is also known as “Optical Art” or “3D art” which are mostly two-dimensional images that give the illusion of the third dimension inviting participatory actions from a visitor and is painted with clever angles for taking photographs. 

Click Art Museum is conceptualized and created by Ap. Shreethar who hails from ramnad dist. Shreethar is an artist, an enthusiastic explorer and an avid adventurer who does not believe in sticking to a safe success formula but dares to delight in treading the path never taken. He has excelled in various styles and media. He has been a pioneer in bringing giclee paintings, a form of digital art to India and has mastered the medium.

He has the distinction of having conducted 62 shows of his painting including countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. His path-breaking ideas and innovative techniques have fetched him awards and recognition from far and wide. The artist’s collections are housed in leading galleries in India and abroad. His art lives in the homes of many of India’s best loved celebrities ranging from Padmashri Dr.Kamal Hassan to cricketer Sachin Tendulkar to actor Amithabh Bachan and major corporates.

Reaching For Newer Horizons
Ap. Shreethar is not content to rest on his laurels and pushes forward to newer horizons with his characteristic vigour and enthusiasm. Watch out for his dream Projects that will feature his new innovations in art. A quest that never ends.