Friday, 29 March 2019

My Opinion for Mother Sparsh brand’s new launch of #SensitiveBabyWipes

Wet wipes are the most important thing that every mother has in her bag. Wipes are the best simple quick way of cleaning a baby. I have used many wipes having alcohol and chemicals which were harmful to the baby. After a long search, I found the safest wet wipe
Mother Sparsh premium 99% Water based Baby Wipes that are #UnscentedWaterWipes.

Mother Sparsh is a well-known brand which has introduced one of India’s best water wipes. It has recently launched a premium baby water wipes which is water based. Yes, This is what a concerned mother wants. “Best For The Baby”

Special Features of Mother Sparsh Premium Wipes.

✓ 99% Water Wipes.

✓ Unscented /Fragrance-free.

✓ Moisture Lock Lid.
The wipes come with a plastic lid 

✓ Sensitive Skin / Gentle and Velvet Soft.
✓Suitable for hand and mouth cleaning. Gentle to the most sensitive part of the baby.
✓Natural / Plant Fabric 100% Biodegradable
✓ Medical-Grade Fabric / 3 times thicker

Ingredients: Mother Sparsh pure Baby Wipes have no harmful additives ingredients like Alcohol, Phthalates, Sulfates, Petrochemical, Chlorine, Dyes, Triclosan, Fragrances & Parabens. In Fact, it is made up of 99% pure water.

Scent: Mother Sparsh baby wipes are fragrance-free #UnscentedBabyWipes which is best for babies whose skin is prone to skin allergies. #SensitiveWipes.

Material Used: Mother Sparsh has crafted these super soft wipes from plant pulp based fabric, hence these wipes are very gentle and velvet soft for cleaning baby's bottom, hands and mouth. #ExtraGentleWipes are #MedicalGradeFabric which are 100% Biodegradable.

Size & Thickness: Mother Sparsh Premium Baby Wipes are 3x thicker than ordinary wipes and one #SuperThickWaterWipes wipe easily does the needful. #ExtraThickBabyWipes.

Packaging: Mother Sparsh Baby wipes - new package is provided with a moisture-lock plastic lid that seals the goodness inside till the end. The brand offers 72 wipes in a pack of just Rs. 299/- 

Availability: These wipes are available on Amazon, Flipkart, Firstcry and Paytm. 

Overall Ratings: 5/5 Excellent Product. #MotherSparshPremiumWipes are 99% water based, velvet soft and are not only skin-safe but are also environment safe (Biodegradable). So as a mother I am concerned about the baby and the earth too.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Skin Brightening Secret…

I am a housewife, a mother and a blogger, my schedule is very tight to complete the daily routine. With household deadlines, attending events etc, I end up being unhealthy. Unhealthy diets, less sleep, make up and constant work reflects on the skin. Hence, to compensate for the lack of essential nutrients in the body and to regain the glow back on my skin, I have been using Gluten 1000 & Escor Z combo.

About GLUTONE 1000:

Glutathione is the body’s own antioxidant which is critical for optimum health of every cell. It’s often referred to as the master antioxidant as it is essential for healthy immune function, detoxification, and skin health. Due to ageing, Glutathione levels in body decline. Glutathione imparts skin lightening and anti-aging. It produces lighter melanin pigment over its darker counterpart. Glutathione can be orally consumed which effectively lightens the skin and its regular consumption also helps to boost immunity, stamina and detoxification.


• Improves skin tone in both exposed & covered body parts.
• Improves Skin Lightening & Reduces Wrinkles.
• Contributes to normal immune function & collagen synthesis in Skin.

• Helps to increase intracellular stores of Glutathione.
• Helps to reduce free radicals.
• Tasty fizzy health drink.
• Helps in Photo ageing, Uneven skin tone and Skin glow and radiance.
• Gives Faster results.
About ESCOR Z:
Escor Z is enriched with Phyllanthus embelica extract, considered as a rich source of Vitamin C. It helps fight free radicals, boosts collagen and lightens the skin. Presented in effervescent format it’s the right choice of your daily health drink.
• Lightens skin by reducing melanin pigment.
• Increases production and transfer of anti ageing protein.
• Exerts photoprotective effects by neutralising free radicals.
• Helps in Photo ageing and skin lightening.

• Lemon & Lime Flavored with no after taste.
GLUTONE 1000 and ESCOR Z Combo:
Add 1 tablet of glutone 1000 and 1 tablet of Escor Z in a glass of water and wait for 2 min for them to completely dissolve and then can be consumed like any liquid drink. It is advised to consume daily in the morning, empty stomach.
My Recommendation: 4.5/5

• Vegetarian pills
• Ideal for all genders.
• Easy exciting and tasty to consume.
• Imparts Healthy skin and boosts immunity and stamina.

GLUTONE 1000 and ESCOR Z Combo is the best Skin Brightening Supplements. After few weeks I have marked the difference on the skin. I have effortlessly achieve bright and radiant skin which has a healthy glow. Overall, the tablets are very effective and easy to use.
For more details head to the link: glutone1000 escorz combo

Motherhood: #MujheSabNahiPata

“I am a WOMAN. I am a MOTHER.”

I am not the perfect 10. I am not a size 0. I have stretch marks. Sometimes my house is a mess. I make mistakes. I stress. I cry. I laugh. I smile. But at the end of the day, I am happy about my kids. That is indeed the best feeling in life.

The smile on the faces of my children is true BEAUTY and HAPPINESS for me.

But it is wrong to assume that Motherhood is all rosy, in reality, Motherhood is a messy, challenging, crazy and sleepless journey yet it is unbelievably beautiful.
Every journey has its ups and downs and so does motherhood. But the pressure the world puts on motherhood takes the fun out of it dan makes it stressful. From the very day you announce your first steps into this journey with your pregnancy, people start by offering unwanted advice. Whether or not your body is fit for those things is the least of their concerns, but whether or not you are following a particular diet, a particular exercise regime, etc is of great concern to them. And of course, the worst part is if and when anything goes wrong you are the first one to be blamed or asked upon... Didn't you know this? How could this have happened under your watch? Where did you hear about doing such stupid things? etc. And the most commonly heard phrase is 'You are a mother now, didn't you know this?'
When I watched the #MujheSabNahiPata film at All Out India's panel discussion with fellow mom bloggers and renowned experts including Paediatrician Dr Samir Dadhlani, Child Psychologist Dr Rupal Patel and actress Sonali Bendre, it was like I was watching myself, a mother of a little girl who suffered from jaundice in the first few months of her life.
My second pregnancy was a difficult one as compared to the first and my son was born prematurely. He was so tiny, could literally fit in the palm of my hand and it was extremely difficult to do anything even breastfeed him. But I took it in my stride and my little fighter helped me along all the way. Today both my kids are doing well, and I couldn't be a more proud mother.

Without realising the pressure such a situation puts on a new first-time mother, people were judgemental. I was shocked ... I was scared... I kept crying and blaming myself as the level of jaundice kept rising initially. At this time instead of reassuring me the Why, How, When, Where questions started pouring in... But after the initial confrontations, I preferred to stay aloof from all the negativity and focus all my attention on my precious little one. I followed all the advice the doctors gave me and quickly nursed her back to the pink of health, later learning that jaundice affects 3 out of 10 children across the world and is a common underlying problem for 9 out of 10 children.
While I believe mothers should know everything about making her child comfortable, I am not ashamed to say #IDidntKnow and am willing to ask the right people for guidance.

Just asDr. Samir Dalvani takes us through how a small insect like a mosquito can cause severe with dengue, as a mother I can be vigilant about the symptoms and seek timely intervention.

So I urge all mothers to drop their inhibitions and share their stories and help all moms to overcome tense situations. Come share your stories with us in the comments below.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Tips for celebrating Holi during Pregnancy

Sharing few tips for pregnant women to ensure they have a colourful Holi!

Holi is the day to express love with colors. It is a time to show affection. All the colors that are on you are of love.

A rush of vibrant hues, faces smeared with colourful tints, vivid shades across streets and the joyous screams of ‘Bura Na Mano Holi Hai’. With Holi just around the corner, it’s time this fair of colours enliven our dismal and grey routines and pregnancy should not be a reason to stay in and miss out on this. It’s time to step out and walk in a riot of colours.

Follow these simple tips to have yourself a mazedar Holi.

1. Use home-made colours: Most of the colours used in Holi contain harmful chemicals. Moreover, immunity levels during pregnancy are low due to which you may have an allergic reaction to the colours you might have been using earlier. The best would be to make the colours at home using naturals ingredients such as beetroot and turmeric.

2. Keep yourself hydrated: Holi marks the beginning of summer. It is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated to make sure your body feels moisturised for within.

3. Moisturise yourself: It’s an age old trick to apply oil on your skin during Holi to make sure the colours are easy to get rid of and don’t damage your skin. In addition to just moisturising yourself on the day of the festival, keep your skin soft and supple by regular application of anti-stretch marks oil containing Vitamin E, Calendula and Rosemary such as Bio Oil.

4. Monitor the quantity of sweets that you are consuming: Pregnancy may lead to you developing gestational diabetes, which goes away post child birth. Keeping the same in mind, it would be best to keep track of the fatty and sugary food.

5. Be careful: Always have someone with you while playing Holi, to hold you and warn you when there is too much water and you might slip and fall. Wear protective eye gear as you don’t want the colours to go in your eyes.

6. Alcohol and bhaang is a strict no-no: Needless to say, stay away from any intoxicants during pregnancy.

Stick to these guidelines and there is no one stopping you from swaying to the beats of ‘Rang Barse’ while splashing a handful on colours!

P.S. This post is a part of the #HoliHoppers blog hop hosted by Mandavi, Dipika, Ruchie, Aesha and sponsored by VLCC Beauty Products & Phutawan Thailand

Jigna Gautam Shah

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

SebaMed Baby, The Perfect Way To Achieve A Balanced pH For A Baby.

Most of us know that the normal temperature of a body is 37 degrees while normal blood pressure is 120/80. Similarly, the pH value of the perfect skin is 5.5 which is slightly acidic in nature. The manner in which the temperature and pressure safeguard the body to wellbeing, the pH value safeguards the skin from harmful external environmental influences to soft and supple skin.

A little baby when born has a pH value of 5.5 making her skin the most perfect skin, yet extremely delicate. That's the reason a baby's skin needs extra care and protection to maintain the pH levels for which the most important task becomes choosing the best products available in the market. However, this simple task becomes a complex issue due to the numerous baby care brands available in the market today. Many products are promoted with a neutral pH level of 7. However, very few parents realize that these products are actually very harmful to a baby's delicate skin which is of pH 5.5. To maintain a baby's skin texture and it's pH level, parents must opt for baby care products that are slightly acidic in nature to replace the lost pH.

One brand that stands out in its baby care range of products is SebaMed Baby, promising a pH 5.5 in all of its bath, skin and sun care products. And what makes this brand the go-to brand according to me is that you can use the baby care products from the very day a baby is born. As the products are developed and clinically tested by dermatologists and recommended by paediatricians, it makes the brand a trusted brand amongst new and experienced moms alike.

After experimenting with a few brands, I chanced upon SebaMed on the recommendation of my friend and have never looked back since. I am using all of their bath and skin care products for my daughter and am happy with the effect it has on her skin. I especially love the SebaMed Extra Soft Baby Wash, a tear-free formula, that provides protection from irritation and is 100% soap and alkali free, making it perfect for daily use. The pH value of 5.5 promotes the development of my baby's skin’s acid mantle which protects her skin from harmful bacteria and prevents moisture loss. The gentle botanical cleanser with refatting compound balances the lipid content of my baby’s tender skin. The packaging makes it easy to use without worrying about spillage and wastage. At INR 730 for 400 ml, the product is reasonably priced and goes on for ablest two months making it cost effective. I would definitely recommend all moms to at least try the brand once and then decide what's best for their little precious babies.

Mom Score: 5/5  
Availability: All major online shopping portals

On behalf of all moms, I would like to thank SebaMed for their amazing products that help moms everywhere in caring for their little bundles of joy. If you haven't heard about pH balancing or Sebamed, head straight to their website to know more about the best baby care products -

Thursday, 21 February 2019

IRA your questions about HIV/AIDS

There are numbers questions in the mind of every person. But not anymore…

Lets End The HIV Epidemic In India, Ask IRA #HIVFreeIndia #HIV #AIDS #ReThinkHIV #SpeakOutHIV #EndAIDS
Did you know there are 2.01 million people still in India who live with HIV, or that there are about 80,000 people who get infected every year? Not to mention the overall stigma & prejudice associated with the condition which marginalizes the infected and the lack of information that perpetuates all of these.  Bad news, indeed.

Good news, however, is that HIV is preventable, manageable and a lot of it is just to do with providing people the right information with sensitivity and tact at the right time!

Introducing IRA.
IRA is a conversational platform where people can seek answers to their pressing HIV/AIDS queries. She was created to help people gain information about HIV and motivate people to manage HIV responsibly. She is friendly and chatty and wants the world to be free of HIV.

IRA will be available on the yes4me website. Anyone with an internet connection can access IRA which makes her a powerful ally in the fight against HIV. Because of the stigma surrounding HIV, people can visit IRA from the security of their own home and seek answers to urgent questions without facing any of the discrimination that they would face anywhere else.

With IRA by their side, millions of Indians will be able to find the right information at the right time and thus solve the root cause that perpetuates HIV.

Let’s join hands to make India HIV/AIDS free. You can reach IRA for all your questions from the link below.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Product Review - VLCC Facial Kits

vlccpersonalcare has a huge range of Facial Kit for all skin types.

1. Haldi & Tusli
2. Chandan & Kesar.
3. Haldi & Chandan
4. Papaya Fruit
5. Double Neem
6. Platinum
7. Gold
8. Party Glow

VLCC introduced the best facial kits that improves skin's hydration and metabolism. Removes pigmentation, age spots, lines, and wrinkles, boosts and strengthens elasticity of the skin giving radiant and  luminous skin. It gently nourishes the skin.


STEP 1 :- Pre Facial

Apply VLCC comfrey cleanser cum toner on face and neck, massage in circular motion and wipe off with moist cotton.

Step 2:- Scrub

Apply evenly on wet face and neck. Then massage gently in  circular motions for 3-4 mintues and rinse off.

Step 3:- Gel

Take an appropriate amount of gel on your finger tips and apply all over the face and neck. Massage with light  circular upward motion until absorbed.

Step 4:- Cream

Apply generously on clean skin and massage gently 5-10 minutes in circular and upward strokes  Wipe off with a moist cotton.

Step 5:- Peel of Mask

Take peel off mask and form a thin layer of it over the face and neck with fingertips. Avoid the eye area and leave the pack untouched till it dries. To peel off the mask, start from the neck area and peel it off in an upward motion. Wash the face with water and pat dry.

Step 6:- Moisturising Gel

Apply evenly on the face and neck post facial.

Overall Ratings : 5/5 My favourite is the Party glow and platinum facial kit. Awesome and effective products.