Monday, 25 June 2018

Plastic Ban Awareness

Hello! Friends,

Plastic Ban is very important step to save our earth and the enviornment. It is going to be very difficult to go with plastic specially bags. But still please follow the rules by levied by the government. The penalty levied is too high for a common person. Infact try not to use plastic in any form as it is not good for our health too. Lets #GoGreen say #NoPlastic agree #PlasticBan and save our earth for the forthcoming generation.

Announcement And Implementation.

The Maharashtra government had announced Plastic Ban on 23rd March, 2018. The implementation started from 23rd June, 2018. The Maharashtra government had also banned the manufacture, usage, transport, distribution, wholesale and retail sale and storage, and import of plastic bags. 

Other states in India with Plastic Ban. 

Maharashtra, Bengaluru, Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan has imposed the plastic ban.

11 states that have partial bans on the use of plastic bags on the grounds of religious, historical or natural importance, or during the pilgrimage season — Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Plastic Products covered under the Ban
  • Plastic bags.
  • Disposable plastic items like spoons, forks,   cups, glasses, containers.
  • Disposable thermocol items like plates,          glasses, bowls, and containers.
  • Non-woven polypropylene bags.
  • Plastic pouches for storing liquid.
  • Plastic wrap used for packaging or storing    products.
  • Plastic packaging for food items.
  • Plastic and thermocol decorations.
Plastic Products exempted from the Ban
  • Plastic bags or plastic used for packaging of medicines.
  • Compostable plastic bags or material used for plant nurseries, horticulture, agriculture, handling of solid waste.
  • Plastic and plastic bags for export purpose only, in the Special Economic Zone and export-oriented units.
  • The plastic used for handling of solid waste (for example garbage used at homes).
  • Plastic cover or plastic to wrap material used at the manufacturing stage or is an integral part of manufacturing.
  • Food grade virgin plastic bags not less than 50-micron thickness used for packaging of milk.
Milk Bags and Water Bottles

Plastic milk pouches will have to be more than 50 microns thick and should be recyclable. The price for buyback should be clearly printed.  Empty milk bags will be saled back to the seller in return for which he will pay you Rs 0.50.

All PET bottle will have buyback depository mechanism with a predefined buyback price printed specifically on each bottle. Consumers will have to pay Rs 1 and Rs 2 extra above the MRP for buying PET bottles of 500 ml and 1 litre respectively. Plastic bottles with a capacity of less than half a litre have been banned completely.

Penalty for Violation of Ban.

Fine for violating the ban will be Rs 5,000 for the first offence, Rs 10,000 for the second and Rs 25,000 for the third offence or a three-month jail term or both. Manufacturers, on the other hand, stand to lose their license.

Why should we ban plastic?
  • Plastic pollute our land and water.
  • Plastic never break down hence cannot be recycled.
  • Plastic is harmful to wildlife, marine life and also human health. 
  • Plastic consume lot of energy in it's production. Plastic is highly flammable.
  • Plastic usage is causing obstruction in the river-drain.
  • Better alternatives are available for Plastic.
Do comment any question or idea or option regarding #PlasticBan.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Jain Divine

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to go a little off beat and write about my way or path to reach the almighty God. I am born in a Jain family and I follow Jainism as my holi path. Just going to give you a glance of my divine....

Art credit : My Daughter Rajvi Gautam Shah

What is Jainism?

Jainism is an ancient religion from India promoting non-violence, for all beings in the universe. Basically, it’s a constant attempt for the soul onward to reach an apex of spirituality. Motto of Jainism is "Jeevdaya" 

Strong Beliefs / spirituality of Jainism.

  1. Every living creature has a soul; every soul can potentially become divine;
  2. Every being should be treated with equal respect, this means hurting no one. 
  3. Each soul is born human, sub-human, hellish, or celestial, based on Karma. Each being is the creator of his or her life.
  4. Jainism focuses a lot on mastering ones senses, removing ones negative and unenlightening ones thought, known as repairing Karmas. 
Jainism practices maintain ones health through diet, being Vegetarian is a must which also includes no eating roots ie vegetables part that grow underground. 

On a daily basis, a typical Jain worship is a universal prayer, “Navkar Mantra” which includes the reminder of their path to attain the Moksha ie the ultimate liberation. Of all mantras Navkar mantra is the first and foremost one.

The Navkar Mantra is as follows:

Namo Arihantânam 
(I bow to the Arihantâs (Jain God)).

Namo Siddhânam 
(I bow to the Siddhâs (Liberated Souls)).

Namo Âyariyânam 
(I bow to the Âchâryas (Spiritual Leaders)).

Namo Uvajjhâyanam 
(I bow to the Upadhyâya (Teachers)).

Namo Loe Savva Sahûnam 
(I bow to all the Sadhûs (Saints)).

Eso Panch Namokkaro, 
Savva Pâvappanâsano 
Mangalanam Cha Savvesim, 
Padhamam Havai Mangalam 
(This five bow destroys all sins and obstacles).

The Navkär Mantra contains the main message of Jainism which is very clear. If we stay on the right path then we will proceed to a higher state and ultimately (Siddha) liberation from the cycle of birth and death. The goal of every Jain is to become a siddha. This Navkar Mantra is always in the mind, lips and soul of a Jain.

One more important thing for a Jain is to visit at least once to The Shatrunjay Mahatirth, Palitana temple which is considered the most sacred pilgrimage place by the Jain community.

Steps – 3364 * Height - 2000 ft…7.5 mile 

Pratima– 27007 * Jinmandir - 3507 
Pagla -1500 

Countless saints and great souls have attained the supreme liberation. Every particle (kankar) of the soil of this pilgrimage is in itself a holiest temple. Besmearing the forehead with this soil is the basic process of destroying the sins of birth-death cycle. It is said that Jain God also has besmeared their head with this Palitana soil. Not only souls but even god were blessed with getting chance of this pilgrimage. "It is said and is confirmed that whichever soul has a chance to besmear his/her forehead with this soil will definitely attain liberation very soon."

Jainism is very deep and whatever is mentioned in it is slowly slowly being proved scientifically nowdays. Such as drinking boiled water, eating before sunset and after sunrise, roots have lots of micro organism......

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Monday, 18 June 2018

World Yoga Day - On Track To Good Health

3 Best Yoga Asanas to reduce belly fat 

Yoga is a art full of discipline for both spiritual and physical state. Yoga is a breathing techniques with meditation and exercise. Yoga benefits health and Happiness. Yoga postures are called Asanas. Yoga is originated and beneficial since Ancient India.

After two kids also I have maintained my body very well except the stubborn belly fat which really irritates. So to get the belly in shape I have started yoga. I love three Asanas. I usually practice these Asana ten times each in the morning. These yoga consumes energy by breaking down the fat from the belly area hence reducing belly fat. It has really helped me not just to tone my belly fat but also in many health issues.

Here are my favourite three Asanas to reduce the belly fat:

1. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

How to perform
Lie down on your belly with legs stretched. Place the palms underneath the shoulder. Chin on the floor and toes touching the floor. Then, inhale slowly and raise your chest up bending backwards as much as possible. Body looks like a cobra with the head raised. Hold the cobra pose for 15–30 secs. Then exhale slowly and bring your entire body back to original position and relax for 15 secs. Repeat this for at least 5 times.

Cobra pose is a posture to reduce belly pooch and strengthen the abdominal muscles. This pose will strengthen the back, spine and entire upper body. It also makes the spine flexible.

2. Pavanamukthasana (Wind-Relieving Pose)

How to perform
Lie down with the face upwards with arms either side of your body and feet stretched out, heels touching each other. Exhale and bend your knees gradually bring toward your chest, with thighs applying pressure on the abdomen. Hold the knees properly in place by clasping your hands around the thighs. Then inhale and lift your head allowing your chin to touch your knees. Hold the position for 60 secs. Again exhale and release your knees, bring your hands to either side of your body, palms facing the ground and relax for 15 secs. Repeat this for at least 5 times.

Wind-Relieving pose tones the muscles of abdomen, thighs and hips. This  pose massages the colon, regulates acid levels in the stomach, cures constipation, improves metabolism and relieves lower back pain.

3. Padahastasana (Standing Forward Bend)

How to perform
Stand with your hands on either side of the body while your feet rest together, with the heels touching each other. Inhale and lift your hand upwards. Exhale and bend forward such that your body is parallel to the floor. Touch the floor, with palms straight on the floor, and without bending your knees. Hold your breath, tuck your tummy in, and hold the position for 60 secs. Exhale, leave your toes, lift your body to normal position and relax for 15secs. Repeat this for at least 5 times.

Standing forward bend completely compresses the  abdomen while bending forward, which leads to burning of fat hence tones the tummy. Improves digestion, Strengthens the wrist joints. Relieves mental and physical exhaustion.

If you are really irritated of your belly fat then only practice these three asanas. It will definitely give you a toned belly.

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Monday, 11 June 2018

#FantasticPapa Happy Father's Day!!

Writing for Mother's Day is easy but writing for Father's Day is difficult.

A father who loves and respect his wife and who leads his family with decision and dedication, is the greatest gift a child can have. Child's emotional stability depends on his/her father.

Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a papa. And that’s why they call you papa, because you are so special to our kids.

Rajvi and Hetarth loudly says “We Love You, Papa" ....... Because

"Our father is our best friend. He is a happy person and always tries to make those around him happy. We are happy when we are with him. Our father loves us. When we have any difficulty we turn to him and he is always willing to give us a helping hand. He always play with us on daily basis. He is the strongest pillar of our life. He is our best security. We love our father and admire him for his many good qualities. We are lucky kids to have such an extraordinary father and hope to make you proud of us."

Gautam you are the first love of our daughter and first hero of our Son. I have witnessed your equal involvement in day - night caring of both the kids from the day one. Thanks for being such a great father of our children. You are a #FantasticPapa. 

Father’s Day is one day, when I want to get out to celebrate fatherhood and male parenting. 

Happy Father’s Day!!! Gautam

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Monday, 4 June 2018

Bangkok - Pattaya Trip

5 Places to visit in Pattaya with Kids.

Thailand is a wonderful place. One should visit aleast once. My family visited Bangkok and Pattaya last December. There are many attractions for adults. But I will cover the places where kids should must and must visit. My kids just loved such places.

First Attraction

Pattaya Beach and the Coral island with water sports. There many water sports. My kids had done the Parasailing, Jet Ski ride and Under Sea Walk.
  • Parasailing is an experience of viewing the landscape from the high clear sky. Awesome feeling in the gut. We witness the beautiful coastline and vast water. 

  • Jet Ski Ride is an experience in fun way to know the ocean closely. A bump in huge waves. The speed of the jet cutting through the waves of clear water. Coral island has a transparent glass like blue water with awesome water bed. 

  • Under Sea Walk is an experience of walking on the ocean bed with fishes swarming all over you. We are taken in the depth of 20-25 meters to feel the marine life. The bread in our hand attract the fishes towards you. 

Second Attraction 

Pattaya Tower in an experience of Millon dollar view. 56th floors a deck observation with stunning city view.

Best adventure is the Jump off the tower from the 56th floor, 170 meters of height. We start with welcome drink from the 55th floor and then the Pattaya Tower Jump from the terrace. The jump has three option. 

  • 1st option is the Cable Car where 10-15 people can jump off the tower together in a closed cabinet. 

  • 2nd option is the Speed Shuttle where 2 people can jump off the the tower in an open cabinet.

  • 3rd option is the Zip Lining where only one person can jump of the tower on the cable wires. 

Third Attraction

Nong Nooch Village is a beautiful botanical landscape park. It is more like a theme park daily Thai cultural show. Elephant show is the most attractive part for kids.

Fourth Attarction  

Art in Paradise is a largest 2D illusion art museum. It has 150 3D interactive paintings not only to see but you can be the part of each painting. 

Fifth Attraction 

Teddy Bear Museum is known as Teddy Bear Island. It is a unique and extremely fun experience. It is the house of 1000 stuffed animals with fantasy journey.

So friends, if you'll are planning to visit Pattaya then include the mention attraction your kids will love it. 

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