Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Holi Thoda Aur Stylish

Let's make This Holi Thoda Aur Stylish!!!!

Holi is the festival of colours & happiness. People celebrate Holi with great enthusiasm. People visit friends and families to spray colored water on them. People roam on streets and throw colored water balloons on others. Some people that don’t wish to get wet play with dry colors solely.

My son Hetarth G. Shah, also love playing holi. He starts playing a week ago with water balloons and pichkari. He has got ready to play holi. He always wear white colour t-shirts with shorts. This time he has styled himself in the same manner as always. 

Just have a glance my son playing holi. He is in his own sweet mood. He is coloured in all possible colours and he is wet with the colourful water. Due to which the white t-shirts is now got multicoloured and hand printed. 


The t-shirts which my son selected, after playing holi,  I will - reinvent them to a adorn a totally wacky and a fashionable look. I have styled the same multicoloured t-shirts in different ways. And made it the signature style of my son. My son actually styles himself the way he likes. Some of the styles are suggested by him.#fREANKINbLOODYbRILLINANT the really look is ! 

First Look : Styled with a denim

Second Look : Styled with a jacket

Third Look : Styled with a goggles

Forth Look : Styled by hand impression on it

Last Look : Styled all the Looks together

My son was happy to style this T-shirt and has stored it. I loved my little champ in all the looks. Please check out which has pleased you and do mention it in the comments. Will be waiting to read and feel the compliments shared....😄😅😘

Thanks to fbb to innovate such a beautiful idea.


  1. Your son looks super cute Jigna! Full of swag! Love all the looks on him! He totally rocks the last look!

    Stay blesssed Hetarth!

    Loads of Love

    1. Thanks Liza Always shower Your Blessings on him.😆😘

  2. My lovely boy. Style bhai.... A real Hero panti. Love you sweety pie.

  3. True sweet heart. Your son is your shadow.😘😍

  4. Wow Jigna!!! Really cool looks!