Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Unconference

Global Eductors Fest, New Delhi August, 2017

Scoonews, India’s largest education media house are about to disrupt the conventional school conference space with the Global Educators Fest 2017.

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India’s largest brainstorm is coming to stir up and inspire the education sector.

The event the Unconference is going to be an evolutionary leap over conferences that have been used to attending. Rather than a one-way dispersion of gyan it is going to be a two-way interaction between experts and the attendees through live demonstrations, interactive sessions, workshops and exhibitions.

Unconference - a loosely structured conference emphasizing the informal exchange of information and ideas between the participants, rather than following conventionally structured programme of events.

This year’s theme is ‘Unlearn the conventional’ as it is time to question legacy education and introduce disruption using technology and creativity. However, to achieve this, we need to be able to talk to the right audiences while creating awareness, curiosity and enthusiasm on the blogosphere and the social media. In other words, a buzz around Global Educators Fest 2017 will bring home the point.

It will take India’s largest brainstorm to stir up and bring disruption to the education sector. Prepare to unlearn everything about learning and teaching. India’s largest educational brainstorm is coming. 

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