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MultiFit - "Exercise is not good for you, movement is."


Corporate Profile
"Exercise is not good for you, movement is."
Based on the firm belief that fitness should extend beyond dumbbells and machines, MultiFit is one of the few gyms in the country that focus on functional training. It challenges the conventional gym imagery by abandoning traditional equipment and narrow goals, instead using simple tools like ropes and tires improve one's performance at everyday activities. The brand was established by Samir Kapoor as way to bring a fresh perspective to health. 

Functional training looks at movement more than exercise. MultiFitters consider babies as their heroes citing their accurate movements and self motivation. The regimes at MultiFit involve Intense Functional Interval Training (iFIT). Every circuit in iFIT consists of a series of activities
done in a loop such that each 20-second work out segment is followed by a 10-second break.
The regimes also focus on calisthenics, the practice of using one's own body weight for exercise.
Work out sessions are also conducted outdoors to break the monotony. Conducted in open air
arena, their Paleolithic work outs involve actions that mimic those of people living in the stone
age like chopping wood with an axe or drawing water from a well. Boot camps are organised in
the countryside, entailing 48 hours of rigorous exercise in the form of cycling, swimming,
trekking and so on.

The soul of MultiFit lies in their trainers. Most managers at the gym have been certified by the
American College of Sports Medicine. Each instructor undergoes training from the head trainer,
Dhruv Chaudhuri, before instructing patrons in order to maintain a uniform standard of fitness
and exercise. The circuits are carefully planned and customised for individual patrons. Injuries
are attended to by specially trained instructors through massages and therapy. The nutritionist
guides patrons about their diet, highlighting the importance of appropriate nutrition.
MultiFit seeks to create a community of fitness enthusiasts by changing the societal perception
towards exercise. It believes fitness is a long term goal and should be adopted as a lifestyle.
Currently providing services at several locations in Pune, MultiFit will soon introduce branches
across India.
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