Monday, 18 December 2017

Nail Extensions with Nail Art - Pooja Parmar

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Who doesn't love long and beautiful nail? Natural long nails are impossible for a mother like me. But yes artificial nails - Nail Extension And that also with lovely paint, decoration and embellished nails - Nail Art. The combo of nail extension with cute nail art enhances your nails, finger, hands and lastly your beauty.

I just love nail art and I came a cross Ms. Pooja Parmar. She is gem of a person. Just loved her work. She has given me a lovely beautiful nail extensions with nail art which enhances my fingers. She has given not-polish acrylic-gel red and white glitter nails. Which goes well for the Christmas Eve. It gears the vacation mode too. For both the ring fingers she has used real dry flowers which give an awesome look to the entire nail art. Both the middle fingers have the white glittery look. And the remaining 6 fingers have red glittery look. 

Lot of hard work is involved in this master piece. First the natural nails are cleaned then buffed to remove the top most layer of the nail so that the product sticks well to the nails. Then the acrylic nails are stuck and cut as per the requirement. 

Then the gel application. She has used the coloured and glitter gel. This application is also timing consuming. After that again buffing and cleaning with the last touch up. 

Profile of Pooja Parmar
She is certified Nail Technician. She is 1st prize holder in Nail Premiere League 2017 Professional Beauty India. 

Her work had recognition in Powai Magazine.

She has started Nail Studio from her home in Powai since December '16. But in future her dream is to have her own Nail salon mobile van. She is a retired cabin crew from an international airline, loving mother to a child and helping hand to her husband. Her passion for art and attention to details has helped her evolve as a better Nail artist. It was exclusivity, inventive concept utilization and substantial utilization of her hands made sure that she created award winning nail art. she does nails art in wide range of variety. Gel, acrylic, color changing, sculpted russianalmond, pierced, rings, 3d art work, one stroke painting, nail stickers, kids friendly nail art and many more.

#prettyladiestalk rating is 4.9/5


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